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365 DAY MEMBERSHIP @ $14.99/mo.




Your Tour season starts the minute you register as a member. The first stage (local tour play) of the Tour is identical to how you post your scores for handicapping purposes.

Step 2: PLAY

Download our Mobile App and keep playing golf as usual, wherever, whenever and with whomever you want.

Step 3: POST

Simply upload your scores via the Tour Mobile App. We calculate and issue a Player Ability Rating to all Members and allocate Leaderboard Points based on all of your rounds played.

Step 4: WIN

Each season’s leading members out of every sixty Tour players calculated from each of the divisions will qualify for an exciting three-day, all-expenses-paid trip to compete in a Oncore Player Tour Championship, as well as the opportunity to compete for four magnificent hole-in-one prizes.

Think about it!

Amateur golfers have been trusted for hundreds of years to enter their scores for handicap purposes, we use the same scores to allocate Leaderboard points – no need to compete in high priced formal events anymore!

You’re out there playing anyway with your friends, and now you can start earning leaderboard points, every time you play, it is that simple.

Quick facts about the Tour &
membership benefits

Swag, worthy of the Tour Pros!

Whether you are the #1 Player in the World, or Rustin Johnson of Texas, you deserve member benefits that you can’t find anywhere else in the world!

  • A Flexible and Affordable Amateur Tour
  • Play when and where you like and earn Leaderboard Points
  • No official handicap is required
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Low cost Membership – NO HIDDEN FEES

You only pay a low monthly fee of $14.99.

That’s what ninth-grade accounting teacher, Mr. Mooney, called “a darn fine ROI”.

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Player Tour Fitness and Player Tour Nutrition

The Player Tour app is the best and easiest way to stay on top of real-time Tour player stats.

Get insider access to Player Tour Fitness Program, Player Tour Nutrition Program, exclusive members only sponsor & partner discounts, and more…


The most important part of your day is to do 10 to 15 min of heart rate increasing exercises. There is really no excuse for not setting aside such a short space of time. Golfers tend to get very little exercise as they are constantly riding in golf carts and seldom walk or carry their own bags.

We will be posting circuit training courses for our members to enjoy on a daily basis, five days per week accessible on our mobile App. We guarantee that this will take your game and life to the next level!

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We are serious advocates of the right food combinations keeping the body alkaline as opposed to being as Acidic.

We will be offering our most important members credible ideas that will help you feel more energetic to embrace each and every day with Player Nutrition Plans accessible on our mobile App.

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Unparalleled Championship & Prizes

OnCore Player Tour Championship:

4-day all-expenses paid trip

Chance at winning one of four luxurious Lincoln vehicles as hole-in-one prizes

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Exclusive Members Only Sponsor & Partner Discounts:

$1000 discount on NUCALM System Package

15% Discount on All ONCORE Products

10% Discount on All BEN HOGAN EQUIPMENT Products

25% Discount on All OGIO Products

10% Discount on All PAR BAR Products

10% Discount on All WELLPUTT Products

10% Discount on All SKIMP Products

10% Discount on All Easy Glove Products

20% Discount on SAS Fitness Membership

20% Discount on All Shot Scope Products

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Your own Personal Tour Card

Come on, how cool would it be to slap that down on the table in front of your friends?

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Refer a friend and get rewarded!

Every time you refer a friend to join the Player Amateur Tour, YOU will receive a dozen of Avant OnCore golf balls!

There is no limit to the number of referrals and rewards you can earn. To begin earning rewards, simply log in via the mobile app and invite your friends to join.

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What are the advantages of joining the tour?

Most other tours are very expensive - golfers pay to play in every local or regional event and may pay more than $3,000 to qualify for a season-ending final event.

You may join the Player Amateur Tour regardless of where you reside.

There are no tournaments or formal events you must travel to during the local play stage.

You can work around your busy schedules and play when and where you like…even on vacation or when traveling for business.

With the Player Amateur Tour, there are no travel costs, no need to play at a specific time or place, and you do not have to be a private club member or have an official USGA® handicap.

Participation in the Player Tour Championships is FREE for members who qualify! The Tour also offers four luxurious motor vehicles as hole-in-one prizes.

On other amateur golf tours, one bad golf round during a tournament will affect your overall standings. On the Player Amateur Tour, you can post an unlimited number of scores to qualify for a Player Tour Championship (only the top 5 rounds will be counted).

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