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Green Division

Golfers with an official USGA® handicap

The Tour’s format enables you and other members from across the country to compete against each other in the Green Division and Flight, without playing at the same time or venue!

A Up to 5.9
B 6.0 – 11.9
C 12 and above

Blue Division

Golfers without an official handicap

Once Blue Division Tour members have registered 3 scorecards online, a Tour handicap will be established for them in order to enable golfers of all skill levels to compete equitably and fairly.

A Up to 5.9
B 6.0 – 11.9
C 12 and above

Leaderboard Points

Leaderboard Points are awarded based on the number of strokes over/under par of a player’s net scores.

All Tour members must upload at least five 18-hole scorecards that have each been signed by at least one playing partner in order to begin earning Leaderboard Points.

Members have a full season to earn Leaderboard Points and may post as many scorecards during that timeframe as they would like.

Only the top 5 scores will count toward player standings.

Once five 18-hole scorecards have been uploaded, members may begin posting 9-hole scores as well.

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Net score OVER Par Points Net score UNDER Par Points
10 & more 50 -1 105
9 55 -2 110
8 60 -3 115
7 65 -4 & less Will be treated as exceptional score
6 70
5 75
4 80
3 85
2 90
1 95
PAR 100

Tour Season

Each Tour season starts on May 1st of each year and ends on the last day of April of the following year.

All OnCore Player Championships will be hosted during the months of May and June of each year.

Details will be announced at the conclusion of each season, and qualifiers will be notified via email.

2019 Championship Schedule

Monday, May 20: Player arrivals

Tuesday, May 21: First round of Championship competition

Wednesday, May 22: Final round of Championship play Awards function

Thursday, May 23: Player departures



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